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The Service Provider Identification & Exploration Resource (SPIDER)

The Service Provider Identification & Exploration Resource, or SPIDER, (formerly the Statewide Provider Database (SPD)), is a collaborative effort supported by the IL Department of Children & Family Services and Northwestern University/Hospital Feinberg School of Medicine offering FREE, detailed information on 1,700 social service agencies, 4,200 programs, and 23,000 services throughout Illinois.


The SPIDER database helps save time and energy in finding programs and services based on each user's unique needs. The SPIDER database can be accessed for free by visiting

Program Options

  • Behavioral and Mental Health Treatment

  • Substance Use Treatment

  • Parenting Skills and Training

  • Domestic Violence Sevices

  • Early Childhood Interventions

  • Housing Services

  • Mentoring and Vocational Training

  • Physical and Medical Health Clinics

Finding a Program

  • Search by a specific location

  • Agency Search

  • Search by your location

  • Entire state search

  • Search with keyword

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