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Relaxing in Hammock

Tools to Boost Mental Health

How to Improve Mental Health Wellbeing

Boosting your mental well-being can set you on a path to healing while helping you manage your everyday feelings. 

Many of us face emotional health difficulties at some point in our lifetime. More than one in five adults in the United States live with a mental illness.

These tools can help assist you in boosting your mental health.

Worksheets to Improve Mental Health

Keep Your Mind Grounded

Physical Symptoms And Feelings Tracker

Your Mind Your Body - Talking To Your Doctor About Mental Health

Feeling Safe

Preparing To Share

When Changing Diet Is Hard

When Changing Exercise Is Hard

When Changing Sleep Is Hard

When Managing Stress Is Hard

A Letter To Risky Business

Why Am I Trying to Fill The Void?

Steps to Think Ahead

Stopping Stupid Thoughts

What's Underneath: Emotional Vocabulary

Sample Letter For Starting A Conversation About Mental Health Struggles

Where To Get Help

Where To Get Help Tool

Other Helpful Tools For Mental Health

31 Tips To Boost Your Mental Health

31 Ways To Work On Your Wellness

Ten Tools To Help Live Your Life Well

Take the Mental Health America Stress Test to determine the degree of stress you are experiencing.

Ready to take the next step? Find help in LaSalle County to get the help you deserve.

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